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Cuthemustard à été fondée par deux amis avec la philosophie qu'une présence en ligne est indispensable pour le succès commercial. Nous partageons la vue qu'un site internet doit fonctionner efficacement, doit être facile à naviguer et doit profiter des aspects sociaux de l'internet.

Notre Mission

Nous voulons assurer à chacun de nos clients une présence en ligne effective, durable, belle, et fonctionnelle. Nous préférons être la compagnie la plus appréciée par ses clients que celle qui est la plus grande. Tous nos associés sont dédiés à un apprentissage continu et nous valorisons l'effort et l'optimisme.

Qu'est-ce que disent les gens

"I used cutthemustard for my website. I got exactly the look and feel that i was going for. The site is easy to update, navigates well, looks cool and a great deal. Great support and ongoing support anytime I have questions or concerns. They even came over to my place to give me a tutorial."

- Ben Shemie

Marco Gagliano

Mustard Marco For all customer enquiries before, during, and after a job, Marco will quickly provide concise responses. During previous jobs that include positions in customer service centers and a managerial position at a luxury jewelry store, Marco learnt the important process of understanding a client's woes and how to solve each problem uniquely. In part thanks to a solid artistic vision and a diploma of Creative Arts at the collegiate level, Marco is able to provide valuable counsel during the conception and design stage. Five years of selling luxury watches and jewellery combined with a network of watch-media contacts is especially beneficial to companies in this domain. Marco's articles are published regularly on important online watch publications.

Arlo Breault

Mustard ArloThe whiz kid of the outfit. Since 1997 he has accumulated an arsenal of programming, web building, and all around knowledge of the internet. Working for companies varying from not for profit organizations, to online payment processing, has allowed Arlo to amass a vast knowledge base which includes a thorough understanding of XHTML, PHP, Python, Internet security, numerous API's and content management systems.